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Athlete of the Month

Andover’s Lukas Lagnevall – JOMA Bowler of the Month

By Matt Browning

Lukas Lagnevall of Andover was one of the top three bowlers on the Trojans team this season and was selected to the all-league first team.

“We were undefeated as a team for a while and I was bowling slightly better than I expected,” Lagnevall said. “Consistent 200 games are what I was aiming for and I was able to keep my average in the high 190s.”

In year’s past, Lagnevall struggled with maintaining his composure, but has matured significantly this season which is just one reason for his improvement.

“Bowling is largely a mental game and being able to not be frustrated with a bad ball or game is a huge thing,” Lagnevall said. “It has allowed me to calmly analyze what went wrong and what adjustments are needed to throw a good ball next frame.”

Coinciding with his ability to keep a calm demeanor is Lagnevall’s insight and knowledge of the sport which gives him an advantage when analyzing things like lane conditions.

“I think one of my strongest parts is the theoretical knowledge that I have,” Lagnevall said. “I’m able to use that to quickly determine what the lane conditions are and what major adjustments need to be made. It also allows me to give advice to my teammates when they come across a difficult spare or are having trouble finding a good line to play.”

Next year Lagnevall plans to attend Wichita State and study computer science in order to pursue a career in game programming.

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