Northwest High School – Hellas Field of the Month

Last summer, Hellas replaced Wichita Northwest’s ten-year-old turf in their football stadium. This time included a colorful addition that the whole school loves.

“The previous Hellas turf had held up well and was still safe to play on but was past its warranty and it was time for a replacement,” said Lance Deckinger, Northwest Athletic Director. “Hellas did another great job installing the field and we even were able to add our school name and colors to the end zones, which was an addition the school was excited about.”

The turf installed is similar to that which professional and college teams play on and is a big plus for Northwest’s programs. 

“The students – PE classes, football, soccer, track, etc… – are excited to know that they get to play on a top of the line field, and we know Hellas is here to take care of us,” said Deckinger. “We appreciate the customer service Hellas has supplied Northwest and all their support of USD259.” 

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