Maize’s Lily Robison – Drive to Zero Student of the Month Presented by Kansas Department of Transportation

In just her sophomore year at Maize High School, Lily Robison is stepping up and leading her peers in many ways. Robison is a member of SAFE, an organization that encourages students to wear their seatbelts and be aware of hazards while driving. 

“I got involved in SAFE because I thought it would be a good opportunity to learn more about safe driving since I was soon about to take driver’s ed,” said Robison. 

The response can be mixed on occasion, but that does not stop Robison from doing her best to educate her classmates. 

“It depends who I talk to. Some people are annoyed when I educate them on the importance of safe driving whereas others find it informative and they realize it might be a good idea to wear your seatbelt even if you are only going to the gas station,” said Robison. “To spread the word about safe driving we have done many seatbelt surveys, we’ve had guest speakers talk about the importance of safe driving. We’ve decorated the school and put up signs all around. We’ve made a PSA video, which broadcasted on the MHS broadcast. We’ve had people partake in drunk driving simulations. The simulations have been a really big hit. Lots of the students enjoyed it.”

Robison enjoys getting out and meeting other students, whether it’s to discuss safe driving or just getting to know more classmates. She encourages other students to join SAFE and help spread the word. 

“I definitely recommend trying it out. You have nothing to lose and you gain a lot of knowledge about how to be safe. Dana (Handy) makes it a lot of fun to be in this club as well,” said Robison.

With another two years of high school remaining Robison plans to continue working to help her classmates. Her future plans include going to college and one day owning her own business. 

“I would like to go to WSU and major in business and a minor in journalism. I would like to own a B&B or café,” said Robison. 

SAFE is a statewide program supported by the Kansas Department of Transportation

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